Anycubic Wash & Cure Machine Review

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Resin printing can be a technical and messy operation. Anycubic are on a mission to make resin printing as easy and mess free as possible with the Wash & Cure Machine. Does it succeed?

Anycubic wash and cure machine review

Our Verdict

9.7 / 10

Product Design




Value For Money




  • Very easy to setup and use
  • Rotating turntable for even curing
  • Auto-off once completed
  • Safety features to stop UV light escaping
  • Good value for money
  • Limits mess


  • Slightly large holes in basket could allow models to slip out
  • Slight vibration when on
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The Solution To The Resin Printing Problem

Swapping from FDM 3D printing to resin printing comes with multiple benefits and negatives. You get a boost in resolution and model fidelity. But you also have to contend with an increase in print costs and the mess that’s involved with resin and IPA.

Many resin 3D print hobbyists have DIY’d their own curing stations, and they can be very effective. I mean all you really need is a UV lamp and a tin foil box to create your own curing station. But you also need to wash your model, which is commonly done using IPA (isopropyl alcohol). After you’ve factored in both of these processes, it can quickly become a time consuming and messy job.

Chinese manufacturer Anycubic have created their own, all in one solution to the resin print post processing conundrum. And this comes in the form of the Wash & Cure Machine.

I’ve been testing it out for a while now, and in this in-depth review I’ll share my thoughts, both good and bad. With the hope to help you decide whether this extra investment is worth it.

What Exactly Is The Wash & Cure Machine

Simply put, the Anycubic Wash & Cure Machine does exactly what it says. It is an all in one washing and curing machine for resin prints. This is the Chinese manufacturers attempt at simplifying the overall resin print experience.

Anyone who has printed resin models in the past knows that the post processing can be tedious. There are numerous steps involved, along with a variety of potentially messy liquids!

This washing and curing machine will clean your resin prints, and also harden them with a UV light at the same time.

The Anycubic Wash & Cure Machine was announced at the same time as their Photon Zero. Both of these machines were designed primarily to bring resin printing to consumers and hobbyists at a low cost. And in combination they allow resin printing to be simple and mess free.

Unboxing & Setup

Just like the Anycubic Photon Zero, the Wash & Cure Machine comes packaged fully assembled. Once all of the packaging is off, the Wash & Cure Machine can be plugged in, setup and running in just a few minutes.

It features a similar design to the Photon Zero, allowing both of the machines to really look the business when sat next to each other on a desk.

Inside the translucent yellow/orange lid which is designed to block UV light, you’ll find a built in UV lamp, and space for a washing container.

And when it comes to washing and curing your model, it’s a super simple affair. If you are using the Photon Zero, you can take the bed straight out of the printer, and placed in to the washing machine. Once filled with resin cleaner, the wash process can start.

Moving on, once cleaned, you can simply swap to the UV curing mode. This features a host of UV lights, and a rotating platform allowing your model to cure evenly all round.

All of the controls are simple and accessible from the front of the base. These let you switch between washing and curing modes, and dictate how long you want to cure your model for.

Washing Resin Prints

First up in the post processing workflow, once you’ve printed your resin model, is the washing element. This is the part which will clean off all excess resin. And typically is done by soaking your model in IPA for a period of time.

With the Anycubic Wash & Cure, its a simple procedure. If you’re already using the AnyCubic Photon Zero, you can keep your print attached to the build plate, and simply attached your build plate directly to the Wash & Cure.

This will suspend your model in to the IPA, without you having to worry about detaching your model. It’s a nice touch, and one which works well, meaning I didn’t get any resin all over my hands while removing.

Alternatively, if you don’t use a Photon 3D printer, you can detach your finished model, and place it into a basket before suspending it in your cleaning fluid.

Once you’ve decided on your route, simply fill the washing container with your resin cleaning solution or IPA, and close the lid.

On the front of the base you’ll find the super simple controls. All you need to do here is set your wash time, which you can set at 2 minutes, 4 minutes and 6 minutes. And then press go.

The next bit is pretty cool to watch, as during the washing procedure you can see a vortex in the IPA. This is due to the machine having an impeller which spins to create the vortex. All you have to do here is sit back and watch, and after your set time you’ll have a clean print.

This process as a whole couldn’t really be much simpler, and it certainly beats soaking a print in an old Tupperware container. Once you’re finished with the wash, simply remove your model from the IPA reservoir, and then remove the hanging brackets which suspend your build plate.

Good news is that the IPA reservoir comes with a lid which contains your cleaning solution, meaning you shouldn’t spill it everywhere as you handle it. Once removed, you can move straight on to the curing phase.

Curing Resin Prints

The curing phase starts by installing the rotating turntable into the Wash & Cure. This is what your resin print sits on, and it’s designed to rotate ensuring an even cure on all sides of your model.

Pop your washed model on to the turntable, and then close the UV light blocking lid. There is a safety feature included, where the machine wont power on unless the lid is fully closed.

I found this out the hard way when I first used the unit. I put the lid on for the first time, hit the power button and nothing happened… It took me around 30 seconds to realise that the lid wasn’t secured in place! Doh! Once fully secured the machine started to operate as expected.

Just like the washing process, all you have to do is select your curing cycle length, and hit the go button. The UV lights will then turn on, and the turntable will start to rotate. Simply leave the machine to do its thing, listen out for the little beep which indicates that the machine is complete. And then it’s job done. Your print will be fully cleaned and cured.

Overview – Is It Worth Buying?

Quite simply, the Anycubic Wash & Cure Machine saves time and effort when compared to traditional ways of post processing a resin print. Gone is the mess that used to be involved, the machine does a good job of eliminating spilled resin and IPA with its splash-proof container.

There is also much less need for excess paper towels and gloves, as you’ll spend a lot less time handling your print in between stages.

My experience with the Wash & Cure was pretty overwhelmingly positive, and much more positive than my experience with the Photon Zero. You can see my thoughts and review for the Photon Zero resin printer here.

When in combination, both of these machines work well in tandem. You can transfer your finished print from the Photon Zero printer, to the Wash & Cure Machine without ever touching your print, or spilling any resin.

For most resin printer hobbyists, this washing and curing machine is a pretty good game changer. And my initial thought was, why hadn’t I had one of these sooner?

For the relatively low cost, at under £150 / $150, this machine will save you a fair bit of processing time, allowing you to speed up your resin print process.

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 40W
  • UV Lights: 405nm + 365nm
  • Curing and Washing time: 2-mins 4-mins 6-mins
  • Max Model Size for Washing: 115mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 165mm (H)
  • Size: 225mm x 220mm (W) x 378mm (H)
  • Max Model Size for Curing: 140mm (D) x 165mm (H)
  • Weight: ~6kg
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