The Best 3D Printed Star Wars Dice Tower + Free Downloads

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Dice towers are ever popular among table top gamers. In this guide, I'm going to show you some of the best Star Wars dice towers that you can download and 3D print for free.

Star Wars Dice Tower
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What is a dice tower?

A dice tower is a model which allows tabletop gamers to roll dice in a fair fashion. A player would drop their dice in to the top of a dice tower, which has a variety of different platforms inside designed to rotate the dice.

The dice then fall out of the bottom of the dice tower and roll into a dice tray where the dice are easily read. This process is designed to eliminate any form of cheating, and make dice rolling an easier and fairer process.

Why print a Star Wars dice tower?

With a good selection of Star Wars themed tabletop games available including Legion, X-Wing and Star Wars Armada, many fans of the series like to theme their dice towers with the game they are playing. This gave rise to the popularity of Star Wars themed dice towers.

There aren’t many official Star Wars themed dice towers available to buy, meaning you have a couple of options of acquiring one. You could purchase a themed dice tower from a third party seller from a site such as Etsy.

On Etsy you can find a selection of Star Wars designs, both painted and non-painted. Most of these have been 3D printed by the sellers.

Or you can download free models from a site such as Thingiverse which have been created by 3D modellers. These custom designed dice trays allow you to print them in your own choice of material and colour, or even customise however you see fit.

The Best Free Star Wars Dice Tower 3D Models

Below are the best looking Star Wars dice tower 3D models which you can download today. All of the models below have been produced by creators on Thingiverse, and all credit should go to them.

The models below can all be downloaded for free and printed for personal use only. And should you share them, please ensure the original credit goes back to the correct creator.

Star Wars Dice Tower 3D Print 1

1. Hoth Dice Tower

Created by Cbradshaw007.

This Hoth inspired dice tower is designed to look like a DF.9 laser cannon. It features a smaller turrent and slightly wider base than the original cannon, however it is a nicely detailed interpretation.

When paired with a dice tray, this Hoth dice tower 3D print will certainly look the part sitting on the edge of any Star Wars Legion battlefield.

Download the Hoth dice tray here.

Star Wars Dice Tower 3D Print 2

2. Deathstar Dice Tower

Created by Cbradshaw007.

Is there anything more iconic in Star Wars than the Deathstar itself? This dice tower 3D print recreates one of the fallen Deathstar’s turrents into a really nice looking Star Wars dice tower.

Just like the 3D model above, this dice tower is just the tower itself, and doesn’t come attached with a dice tray.

Download the Deathstar dice tray here.

Star Wars Dice Tower 3D Print 3

3. Ion Cannon Dice Tower

Created by Gliderx64.

This Star Wars 3D printed dice tower is another one which is inspired by a weapon station. This one is an Ion defence cannon from the Empire Strikes Back film.

Download the Ion Cannon dice tray here.

Star Wars Dice Tower 3D Print 4

4. Storm Trooper Dice Tower

Created by Bigunwhistle.

Stepping away from turret inspired designs, this next Star Wars dice tray features one of the most iconic images in Star Wars lore. This dice tray utilises the helmet design of the original Storm Troopers.

The model itself features a Storm Trooper helmet sitting atop a plinth with a small dice tray to catch your dice.

Download the Storm Trooper dice tray here.

Star Wars Dice Tower 3D Print 5

5. Darth Vader Dice Tower

Created by Heref.

Our final model follows on from the Storm Trooper helmet above, with another classic helmet design. This time around, it’s Darth Vadar’s helmet, again sitting next to a dice tray.

3D printing both this and the Storm Trooper helmet above could make for a couple of awesome dice towers to position around the Star Wars Legion battlefield.

Download the Darth Vadar dice tray here.

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