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Heroscape is a hugely popular table top game. But with the game production discontinued, many players are turning to 3D printing their own terrain pieces. Here I'll run you through some of the best free 3D print Heroscape files that you can download today.

Heroscape 3D print terrain best files
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First, a quick introduction to Heroscape

Heroscape is a turn-based, tabletop game published by Wizards of the Coast up until 2010, when production stopped.

The game itself utilises a series of highly-detailed 3D terrain pieces, which all interlock to create a unique and bespoke playing surface. These tiles feature a hexagonal design, and can be interlinked in a variety of ways, as well as being stacked to create elevation across the playing surface.

With the game being officially discontinued in 2010, many players turn to purchasing pre-owned terrain pieces. But there are many dedicated fans who have gone through the effort of creating many Heroscape compatible terrain pieces which can be 3D printed using a home 3D printer.

These 3D print Heroscape terrain pieces come in a variety of appearances, as well as quality. As a fan of this classic game myself, I’ve gone through and found the absolute best terrain pieces that you can download today. And the best news is that all of these 3D print files are completely free!

Heroscape 3D Print Files

As mentioned above I have spent years playing Heroscape. It’s always been one of my go to tabletop games. But terrain pieces can be expensive, increasingly so as official production terrain pieces are becoming rarer to find.

This led me to explore the 3D print options, and I was surprised with just how many different terrain pieces I could find. There are a few dedicated community members who have created a wide selection of terrain.

Designers like Arthur Schlauch, have created a whole host of free downloadable 3D print files. Some of Arthur’s designs include custom designed miniatures, as well as complex and original looking terrain models.

The best Heroscape compatible 3D print files

Classic Hex Terrain

When it comes to the first port of call for 3D printing custom Heroscape terrain pieces. Your first stop should always be the classic hex terrain pieces. These hexes make up the majority of any Heroscape play surface, so having more of these to play with, the better. You can layout bigger, higher and more complex custom landscapes.

These hexes were created by Arthur Schlauch and can be printed in a variety of PLA colours to form different terrains.

There are multiple different forms of hex included in this batch of files. You’ll find classic road hexes, water and glacier bases, and the classic grass and rock files. There are different sizes included as well, including single hexes through to 7 hex groups.

As a bonus, there are also bridge sides included in this 3D print file bundle, allowing you to start to build more complex landscapes.

I’ve printed a fair few of these files, and they do fit very well with original pieces. There is a little bit of a loose feeling, but not enough to worry about once they’re locked in.

Download files here

Locking Hex Terrain Stone Path

These stone path 3D models are great for adding a little different texture to your landscapes. They feature a gridded stone path texture on the top surface, which allows you to differentiate them from regular path tiles. Once printed and painted they make for some really nice decorative paths.

This file bundle also includes a variety of other terrain pieces. These include a tree stump, broken rock, and groups of hexes with part walls built in to them.

This bundle of Heroscape terrain 3D prints is a must for anyone looking to add a little variety to their landscapes.

Download files here

Locking Hex Terrain Wood Path

This bundle of files is from the same creator as the stone path bundle above. It features a stone path textured locking hex tile in a variety of sizes and configurations.

You’ll find single hexes through to clusters of wood path hexes. There are also wood path hexes which feature an additional wall to some of the edges. These 3D print models can easily piece together to form enclosed rooms across a map.

These wooden floor terrain pieces add another level of variety to any landscape, especially when paired with other hex styles from this list.

Download files here

Water or Lava Tiles

This next model is a super simple one, but adds extra variety to your game space. These inverted tiles lower the landscape by adding a liquid such as water or lava. You could print it in a variety of colours to add other elements such as a frozen lake or muddy swamp.

Download files here

Evergreen Trees

These evergreen trees are another great model from Arthur Schlauch and make for a great decorative addition. When printed with a green PLA, or painted green they can be grouped to form a larger forest, or dotted around a landscape to provide elements of cover.

Download files here

Half Tiles / Edge Tiles

Another great utility tile to have and be able to print is the half tile, or the edge tile. These are great for creating a smart edge to your battlefield, or for creating some interesting landscaping features.

There are two versions of this tile included, one with a smooth edge, and the second with a connection point to allow for additional tiles to be attached.

Download files here

Hex walls

These walls are good to have around to slot on top of other landscape hexes. They can add verticality as well as decoration and variety to any Heroscape landscape. They are actually modified versions of the original Heroscape bridge walls.

Download files here

Large 7 hex Crystal terrain

Who doesn’t like a crystal? This terrain piece sits on locking hex tiles and features a large cluster of crystals. If printed in a translucent 3D print material, these crystals add a little magic to your landscape.

They easily bring an exotic touch to your landscape as well as element of height, which can be crucial in any game of Heroscape.

Download files here

Arena of The Planeswalkers Zendikar Hedron Terrian

This next model is one for fans of the spin-off game, Arena of The Planeswalkers. This model is a Zendikar Hedron, and it earns a place on this list as it is such as well designed model. It has some really nice intricate details and would make for a great standout terrain addition to either Heroscape or Arena of The Planeswalker.

Download files here


These Heroscape terrain 3D print models make up some of my favourite terrain pieces that I’ve printed across the years. I have printed and still use many of the models on this list, and all of them look great.

Every single one of the models on this list can be downloaded for free. But if you really enjoyed any of these models, feel free to tip the designer via Thingiverse. I’m sure they would really appreciate it!

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